Getting Started

The Process

Any successful construction project begins with a plan. We can guide you through the process.

We can work with you, architects, engineers, and designers to meet your goal for your project and get you through the sometimes daunting permitting process. Regulations on building in the keys are governed by various departments. Each local municipality has a planning and building departments that have specific codes and regulations. Let Tropical Home Construction's permitting team make your dreams a reality.

Level of Involvement

The keys are a unique environment, and keys construction projects usually follow suit. Every client has different needs and levels of involvement. We will work hard to meet every clients needs. Some customers choose to leave town while work is being done, secure in the knowledge that their project is in good hands. In such cases, communication is key. We will advise via photos, e-mail and constant phone communication to ensure all finishes selected are desired.

Others request a higher level of involvement. Some desire to take on certain stages of construction themselves. Some choose to take on their project in an incremental fashion, often for financial reasons.

Whatever your needs or comfort level, we are committed to making the construction process work for you.


Communication is key to a successful project. The contract is a big part of that. Our contracts are detailed and contain time lines. You will know what you are paying for, when the money is due, and when every step will be completed. We work hard to keep mystery out of the construction process. We would rather spend time communicating with you as to your wants and expectations then time fixing mistakes. Any delays can cost time and money. With proper communication, we can minimize delays and meet our timelines.

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